Editing data from outside Kobo

Is there a way to edit the data from a form from outside Kobo? The reason I ask is that I’ve got a fairly large data set (200k+ records), which are manually entered by temporary workers. There are frequent errors, so my QC team needs to be able to edit the data fairly quickly. However, finding the relevant record(s) in Kobo is extremely time-consuming, especially since our network isn’t particularly strong.

Is there some way to download the data, edit it, and then re-upload it to Kobo to overwrite the database? If not, do you have tips for how to manage data editing faster for big datasets?

Hi @enderith,

I believe you would like to edit the data in kobo in bulks, I can share two video with you, it might be usuful for you. One is to import data directly to kobo, other one is to do bulk edits in submitted form. If you need more help, let me know

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@osmanburcu, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Hint: Be careful. If you do not edit in KoBo (or if you use bulk edit) no logic and data validations, e.g. constraints, will be applied automatically.
You risk to get inconsistent data.

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