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Hello fellow users,

I am manually building my first survey in kobo and it has not been going great so far. It is quite short survey in multiple languages. I only added 1 and when I started translating I realised that after 7th question some answers repeat themselves and do not coincide with the text in the translation and preview forms, in the editing form it is all correct. What can be the reason and how can I fix it? I did not randomise answers and this problem starts after the follow up question with condition applied to it. The question itself is ok though.

Hi @nukrikri and welcome to the community!

Can you provide screeshots about the issue you’re facing so we can understand it a little bit better?

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These are errors it shows when I try to preview. The duplicates refer to the answer options not questions and they are not in the editing form, in preview they replace other answer options.

Hi @nukrikri,

Do you fill all of your translations, aka label::(language), if there are some missing translations in the form, it will give you an error.

Also, can you validate your form in here, and share the screenshot of the result?

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@nukrikri, kindly please be informed that there are two ways of managing translations to your survey form which are as follows:

For your issue problem trying to replace ${}, you should find a solution in these posts discussed previously here.

In addition, you can also always validate your XLSForm through this online validator. The online validator should help you identify syntax issues if any within your XLSForm.

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