Editing incorrect submission in kobo

Is there a way to send back data (record) to the sender for correction or updating.

I have entered toolbox, Have changed settings in sharing to anyone can view this form and submission. I then go to table data, edit and get the link.
I get error when the user tries to open link.

Any solution yet. Thanks

@ayitey7000, this is not possible at the user level. But if you manage your project permissions, it could be feasible at the server level.

Try following this to see if it works for you.

  • Once the project is deployed, you must have at least two accounts in KoboToolbox for this. The account from where you have deployed the project can be taken as the admin account, and you will also need an enumerator’s account that will handle data collection (and, of course, the editing if the submissions are incorrect/insufficient).
  • Share your project with the enumerator account from the admin account by following these support articles:
    Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions
    Row-Level Permissions
  • Note, when sharing permissions be careful to choose the appropriate settings so that the enumerators don’t mess up with the entire dataset.
  • To control the submissions that need to be edited by the enumerators, you could also use the record validation feature as outlined in the support article Record Validation.