Editing of submission date

Hello, everyone! Is any way to edit submission date?

Hi @Alexandr and welcome to the community.

Are you referring to the _submission_time variable which is found in the metadata of a submission?

I believe this cannot be edited as it is an in-built mechanism to ensure some sort of data integrity checks on form submissions.

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Hello. Have you done it before? I tryed to use standard editing tools, but it was impossible to edit date. I suppose it is really impossible, at least with standard tools.

@Alexandr, did you mean you wish to edit _submission_time as asked by @surveyorjr? If this is what you wish to edit, please be informed that you will not be able to as it’s a time recorded by the system once the submission reaches the server.

If I and @surveyorjr understood your issue in a different way please feel free to provide more details and we would love to help!

I see. Thank you very much!

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