Editing survey using XLS

Hi Team,
I replaced my form with the wrong XLS by mistake. The good thing is that I did not deploy so the field agents have not been affected.
The challenge now is that I cannot make error corrections.

Is there a way of restoring the form? What do I do?

You can just replace it with the correct XLSForm (upload) and deploy this again…

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I cannot trace the previous XLS.

You can see it on the server, in form history view. Select the version, clone it, download this clone. Then upload/replace it on the original project and re-deploy it.

Hint: Always keep/save a downloaded copy of your deployed XKSforms, please.


Thank you so much. I have managed to get the XLS. It is working perfectly.
I will make sure I save my forms.


@wroos, @burn :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

You have your problem solved. Wish you all the best.