Elapsed time

I am designing a 2-part form. Part 1, insect traps are installed, and the date/time are recorded (calculated). Part 2, the traps are serviced at a later date. I have designed the form using “relevant” statements, so that the questions relating to traps installation only show up in that group where relevant activity type = installing. Similarly, questions relating to servicing only show up because relevant activity type = servicing. However, I want to be able to show how many days have elapsed between when the trap was installed and when the first servicing occurs, and then the days that have elapsed between any of the subsequent servicing dates. This is because every 4 and 8 weeks, certain trap management must be done. I have tried using the “days-from-date” calculation, but it isn’t working. Is this because I am asking for data from Part 1 of the form in Part 2, and they both parts have different “relevant” statements? any assistance in resolving this issue is grateful appreciated! Thanks very much. Tania

@taniak, did you mean you wish to calculate the number of days here?

That is correct. To clarify, we are setting up insect traps. Each trap will have a QR/barcode to be scanned, so that it can be identified. When a trap is set up, it will include several components, and the date of set-up is recorded. Traps will be visited every week or so to collect data (insects), and at every visit, the trap code will be scanned. But every 4 weeks we need to replace the lure , and every 8 weeks we need to replace another component (both also QR/barcoded, and with the date of installation/replacement recorded as part of trap servicing). So each time we visit a trap, we want to know when the lure and the other component were last changed. This means the form needs to be able to calculate the number of days between today and the previous date at which when the lure or other component was (a) installed or (b) last changed for that particular trap. I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Tania