Eligibility criteria

Hello community, I have a questionnaire which first have screening questions for eligibilty and ineligibilty criteria. for example, if they answer 3 questions yes, and 1 question no, they are not eligible, otherwise eligible. How can I design that in XLS so that it does that automatically instead of the respondents selecting eligible or not eligible manually?(attaches is the image of the questions

Hi @paul_maleya
The last question, instead select_one, use a calculate and call it inelegible.
In the calculation column put a formula with the conditions that are true like if(${age1} < 18 and ${age1} > 55 and ${male} = 'No' and etcetc, 1, 0). (check form operators)

Then use a constraint.
It is easier if you send the xls file instead of a screenshot, that way we can see what you’re doing and correct the file or add formulas easier for you.

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Sorry, this will never evaluate to true. Please, review. Also, it might be preferable to define an “eligible” calculation (relevant filter).

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You’re right, I was just pointing in the direction of the answer. I’ll leave the error, if @paul_maleya needs additional help after checking the documentation and post the xls I’ll gladly review.

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@nmambre and @wroos thanks so much for your help.

Attached is the xls form
Trans Gender - Copy.xlsx (27.3 KB)

Check if this works @paul_maleya
Are you using web browser to fill in the forms? I opened with Kobo Collect and the datescreen question was not allowing me to proceed, but using a browser I could fill in.

Just a suggestion: this variables are integer type but your hint says letters and numbers, that may be confusing

integer	scrnid	Screening ID	3Letters followed by 3 numbers e.g KIS001/NRB123/MSA 056
integer	prtrcid	Participant ID	3Letters followed by 3 numbers e.g KIS001/NRB123/MSA 056

Trans Gender - Copy.xlsx (27.0 KB)

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Hello @nmambre , thank you for taking time and work on the xls. Actually I have worked on your suggestion to change integer from text(for screening and participant IDs). I had not realised. Unfortunately the calculate you have worked on is still not working. I have tried it out using web browser. I am not sure where the problem could be.

Here I have answered everything to be eligible:

And here I have said No to consent, and the follow up question don’t show up:

Did you change anything in the XLS?

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Hello @nmambre , Sorry I had loaded a different xls. It is really working perfectly well!! Thanks so much for the support!!!


@nmambre, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: