Embedded visual analytic

Hi, can Kobo embed visual analytics into server or website?

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Hi @sengkrisna,

Welcome back tot he community! Would you mind explaining us a bit (possibly with an example) so that we are able to understand your requirement much better.

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If you mean pushing/publishing the data reports to a server or website as a dynamic component, this is not a direct functionality supported on the system. You should however know that with the use of API’s you can easily push your data to applications such as PowerBi and Googlesheets (been problematic of late) and then use the publishing feature within them to get the visual analytics to your server or website.


Hi Kal_Lam, much thanks for your reply, and as you always been a very very helpful hand :).
what I want is that, when people enter data to that project, and link of that project can embedded in the webiste or server, and that you can visual see the report on the interface. for example Tableau can embeed the visual data analytic as well as USHAHIDI PLATFORM. another example, let say, I want to monitor Covid-19 report case in my country, anwhere my team found the case, they just enter the data about the case, and on the server, website or page that I going t embeded will alert or pop up on the map or dashboad… something like that. Do you have any ideas?

Great thank Stepphan, I would like to hear more about the detail of how that work if you yourselve expereince make it work from the use of Kobo. I know Tableau it can do that, as well as USHAHIDI PLATFORM.

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I have you had a look at this article?

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