Embedding KoBo Functionality (e.g. ODK Collect) in External App


What is the possibility of embedding ODK Collect or some of its primary features in an external application? The ultimate goal would be to fill out one or multiple form(s) via an ODK Collect platform within another smartphone application.

I understand that there are workarounds for this like linking to a form URL or linking to the ODK Collect app from within an external application so that it opens the specific form in ODK COllect, however I would rather need to keep everything in one place.

Many thanks!

Its an open source you can get the source code and you can use the class on your project accordingly

You might be interested in https://github.com/enketo/enketo-core. See, for example, this native Android app that looks like ODK Collect but uses Enketo: https://github.com/alxndrsn/enketo-collect.