Empty Entries in Kobo Form builder

I tried to biuld 5 step cascade in my Kobo Formbiulder but the cascade is not working sir.
I previewed the form and the cascade steps are reading empty while the XML part of it was reading the normal inputs from the xlsx setting.

What should i do to make this problem solved.
For Kobo Community Complaint.xlsx (21.5 KB)

Thank you

@governalert, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

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Sir, please, see the screen shot of my problem.
i’m confused and don’t know how to come about it sir.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your continued help and guidance.

Sir, see the screen capture of my xlsform.
Why am i having empty, empty in the form preview?

Thank you sir.
Kobotoolbox 1
Kobotoolbox 2
Kobotoolbox 3

Hi @governalert,

Most of your names have spaces after them.

For example check row 27, ede_north.

Can you clear the space after your names and try again?

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Thank you.
i will use the TRIM Function to clean the spaces off.