Empty question inadvertently made mandatory for response, now I can not "mark the forms as finalized"

Dear All,

I have been using a form to collect some data from specific facilities. The form is divided into groups. I inadvertently made the group name as a question and made it Mandatory (response must be given before swiping to see the next Question).

The team collected data and manually skipped this question throughout the data collection process. but they were unable to save the form as finalized… All of their affected forms cannot be saved as finalized so that they can be sent to the server.

The form is stuck in draft saved list, we cannot even edit because the question has no answer.

Any solution is highly appreciated.


Welcome @fmoh ,
Could you give more details, please:

  • KoBoCollect or Enketo?
  • Full definition of the “question” in the form?
  • Why can’t you edit?

Welcome to the community, @fmoh! You could follow the instructions as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions. This should solve your issue to manually upload your data to the server that was stuck in the Enketo or Collect android app.

Dear Wroos,

To answer your questions:;

  1. I am using kobocllect
  2. The question in the form (questionnaire) was mistakenly included. As an example, i wanted to creat a group name for a set of questions related to ISSUE X. instead of defining ISSUE X as group name, i mistakenly included it in the questions it was supppsed to group. Not only that, i made response to that question mandatory. Again there are no available response provided in the form. Screenshot is attached.

Now, the team mannually skipped this question and moved on to answer all other remaining questions. However, the form will not be marked as final because of that unanswered question. It will be saved in the draft.

I corrected the mistake, they downloaded the newly updated form as blank. However they also have to get a way to save these forms in the draft as final (including the question that is wrongly in the form and has no answer) and submit.

I hope there is a way out of this.

What is the type and (further) definition of the corresponding “question”?

A workaround may be: Use your new form version to manually copy (finalize & send) the previous case data.

Your screenshoot seems that you are using IDK Collect, not KoBo Collect. (?)

Side-note (sorry): Never start field work without comprehensive pre-test. And avoid changes during field work.

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Dear Wroos,

Thank you for the feedback. Your suggestion of manually copying the forms to the new version looks good. Any guidance/tutorial or material that can help us do it is highly appreciated.

Yes we using kobo and ODK interchangeably. Both are in the phones.

Thank you again.


You may use a second device to enter all data in the new form, going question by question through the saved form on the original device.

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