Enable the search when you have field type barcode

What is the general goal of the feature?
Enable the search when you have field type barcode.

What are the most likely user stories for how and when this would be used by someone on your team?
this is used many times and mainly for projects when you have ID as barcode. so you cant edit using the search feature.

Can you sketch out graphically how you think this should look/work in practice?
its just to enable the search field as the number or text

How useful would this feature be to other users or organizations?
this would be very useful and with less efforts and using the full functions for kobo.

Thanks for the suggestion! It would be useful to our developers if you could provide a screenshot of where you’d like this feature implementation. I am assuming you mean in the table view of the data page, but that is not mentioned in your post.

Maybe this post would help you answer the feature that you are seeking: