End time calculation from metadata

Hello everyone,

I have tried finding out when the end time is calculated from the metadata, but I have not found concrete information (let me know if there is already existing documentation).

  • Is this time calculated when the form is first “Saved” or when the form is first “Submitted”?
  • what happens to the end time from metadata if the user edits a “saved” form before submitting?
  • what would be the most standard way to record start, end and duration of a survey? (if not using the metadata). I have seen many different options, but those seem like a complex workaround of what in theory should be a simple calculation.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Hello @f_carballo,
What we know:

  • The end time changed if the form is edited/saved on the local device. For example for QA remark by a supervisor, even the next day.
  • If the interviewer makes a break, e.h. comes back the next day to continue with this form, the time is included (until save). So, it the end-start may not show the real (net) time to do the interview.

But let me add few questions, please:

  • When exactly is the start time set? First open (of later saved form)? Or first save?
  • Does the end time change if form is opened and closed without changes? (viewed only)
  • What happens on the end time when the case is edited on server level after submission? (Is this then the server local time/timezone?)
  • Does setting the validation code on server level (table view) also change the end time?
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