End time calculation with offline submissions

I use the start and end time of interviews for quality control purposes. In some cases, the length of interviews are very long when interviewers haven’t been able to upload the survey straight away (e.g. due to not having internet access).

My question is: when a survey is submitted offline (and we wait for it to upload later), is there a way of recording the time the survey is submitted rather than uploaded? It seems that kobo records the upload time, which is misleading when surveys are uploaded in bulk later.

Many thanks!

Welcome to the community, @hannah_miles23! The start time should be able to capture the time when a survey was started while the end time should be able to capture the time when the survey was completed and saved in your device. So do you mean you now wish to calculate the difference between the end time and the start time?

Thanks for the reply! Good to know the end time captures the time the survey is saved on the device and not the time it is uploaded. Does this mean that very long time periods might indicate interviewers are saving the survey as a draft and then submitting later? Or is there anything else that might explain this?

Yes, maybe that could be the case. Maybe if you require all the details the enumerator spent his time while collecting data, you could you the audit metadata. The audit metadata should be able to capture all the details.