Enketo bugs/unexpected behavior

Hell0! I have been running into some strange behavior with Enketo in the past couple of days and I’m not sure where the issues are coming from. I also don’t know if these issues are separate or related so I’m including them all in this one topic.

The first issue: I have a couple of questions show up as a result of skip logic for a select multiple question. There should be two text questions that show up when each option is selected. For one of the selections, the text box has been greyed out and disabled (when I use Inspect to look at the HTML, I can delete “disabled” and then I can enter in the data). But, it is also missing the second question. If I select and unselect the other options in the skip logic question then it will sometimes show up.

The second issue: I cannot edit submission drafts or submitted submissions. They both give me the same error, "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘t’)

Then, when I get rid of the loading error message, The dropdown boxes for the other two questions are filled with … . The first one still shows a list of options but the list for the second question disappears. A disabled text box also appears below the note-type question (“NOTE: Please fill out…”) which should not be there.

The form does use a dynamic data attachment with itself, and I recently deleted the existing submissions to re-input some test data, so I’m wondering if it is possible that caused the issue.

pp pilot kobo form Feb 22 2024 temporary ID.xlsx (25.8 KB)

Any help would be much appreciated!

@barbaraT, did you validate your XLSForm through this online validator?

I get an error when I try to validate the full form because it doesn’t have access to the xml-external file.

But the form works as expected when I remove all of the dynamic data attachment stuff from the file.