Enketo data reading difficul

I am working on a development project in the ocean Indian, which involves collecting data from users. I need precise data to collect needs, which is why I made extensive use of Enketo matrix. Filling them seems working fine, but while in View data mode, the labels are not visible, and answers Yes.No for example show in percentages. Answers in column 3 don’t appear as related to other colums, which they should be.
Experting data to CVS to show them in Excel doesn’t work well either.
Have other people been more succesful visualizing results from Enketo matrix ?
Have you found tricks or limitations to it ?

Welcome to the community, @pwjohnson! The matrix questions are a bit different than the regular questions. Hence the values collected for the matrix question are formatted a bit differently. To learn how the data stays in a matrix question, please design a simple matrix question and then fill up a dummy submission. Download and read your data through the matrix column regarding how the data stays. Maybe it should then be helpful.

In this case, try exporting your data to XLS format.