Enketo data upload and blank submissions


We are using an Enketo form in India, and I have two questions related to the data upload:

  1. Some of the submissions show up as blank entries in 2 of the forms. We redeployed one of them before sending it to the participants, but the blank entry problem exists in both the forms. Could anyone please help figure out why this could be happening?

  2. Does the enketo form back up data automatically to the server? For eg. if someone filled out the whole form but did not click the submit button at the end, will the data be lost or will it be uploaded?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @sparvath! Regarding your queries:

Did you add new variables and redeploy the form? If you did this, then you could see blank values in the questions you added lately.

The form is automatically synced to the server if the enumerator clicks the Submit button. You should be able to learn more about Enketo web forms through this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

One of the forms was re-deployed, the other was not. We have the blank entry problems in both, and the whole row is blank, not just some fields.

@sparvath, would you also be able to share a screenshot, please? The screenshot should help us understand your issue pictorially.

Sure, attaching the screenshots. The blank entry still has a valid submission time, id etc. All the questions are required, so participants cannot skip questions and move ahead in the survey. I have blacked out the data collected since some of it is identifying information. The last row in the screenshot is the blank submission.