Enketo doesnot showed properly


I have this dynamic form where answer is generated in dynamic choice selection and in multiple repeating group within repeating groups.

I have successfully deployed the form and we can use them on the Kobo Collect. However when the data submitted I want to be able to view and edit data if needed on the web format -Enketo, but it cannot be showed in the same way it works with collect.

I am not sure if I have miss some steps

I attached here the xls form
Bridge_Inspection_A_revised_2May22.xlsx (116.7 KB)

Hope you can help,

@Okard, do you see any error message when collecting the data with Enketo for this?


it doesn’t show any red error message.

For example: when I open the submitted data in the server, where I have making sure that the field was filled it show this:

When I open the new form in Enketo, it shows that most of questions has choices missing. But in the app it works fine. I took screenshot for your ref.


in the collect app, it works like this:

I have come across the choice filter problem display in Enketo, maybe it is the same issue?



I would like to ask if any updates on the issue?