Enketo has form loading issues

Dear Community,

First of, thanks for providing this wonderful tool which makes data collection super easy interms of places where there is low/no connectivity.

We are actively using Kobo to collect information from students. We are currently using URL which will be accessed through the browser by students to fill in the details. Majority of the students access the form on Mobile/Tablet and on Chrome Browser.

The form has about approximately 50 questions.

The challenge we are facing now a lot of students complain that they form is not loading. They get to see the loading circle which keep on circling.

How can solve solve this? Thanks, a lot in advance.

Hi @gauthamraj,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind trying it out in some modern updated browsers viz. Chrome, Firefox etc. It should solve your issue. Kindly please note that if your browsers are outdated you will need them to update it to it’s latest version for better performance.

Have a great day!