ENKETO: Redeployment of questionnaire affect the data draft-saved? All draft saved data was lost. How to retrieve them?

Hi everyone, thank you for allowing me here to post.

Problem: I have created a Kobo Questionnaire powered by Enketo, the first week of using it was fine. However, after redeploying the questionnaire because of some update on the table of questionnaire the saved-draft data of my enumerators in their kobo was lost. Although, some of its saved-draft can be seen in the QUEUES but when they open it, no data was inputted. Is there any ways to retrieve the data lost? I can share a screenshot of it if you want.

Thank you for any response.

Welcome to the community, @tmiresearch_admin! Generally, when you update a survey project and redeploy them, your saved submissions in Enketo should not simply disappear. To submit the draft submissions, you could do the following:

Approach 1:

You could press the pen-like edit button image, complete the draft submissions if they are incomplete, and then submit them to the server.

Approach 2:

The second approach is to upload the draft submissions manually as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

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