Enketo - TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'dataset')


A) There is probably a bug related to particular conditions set in forms for Enketo. The image bellow shows the bug message after trying to load a form with these conditions.


B) The problem occurs in the presence of two minimum conditions:

  1. A repeat_group that assumes dynamic values for repeat_count;
  2. A select_one_from_file question nested in the repeat_group and with autocomplete appearance.

C) I tried to isolate the problem and describe it through 4 XLSforms:

Hello @nnsdtr,
Additional idea: Did you try to add a (normal) begin_group … end_group inside the repeat, enclosing all elements, with a relevant filter ${num_rep} > 0 ?

We had other problems with dynamic repeat - e.g. when going back and setting to 0. There seem some problems with dynamic repeat_count. We always use an additional grouping inside a repeat (might be without title)…