Enketo web form automatically refreshes and the forms are lost in the field

Hi everyone. It’s the first time for me posting here, so I hope I did my double checking right and that I am not warming up a topic that was already discussed for like 20 times.

We are using the Enketo webform for online- and offline submissions. It worked quite well so far. Yet, for some days now, we have a manifest problem: in the field, the browser is refreshing and the form is lost. This is usually announced by the message that there is a new sheet version deployed which will appear after refreshing the page. Strangely, the newest survey versions were already loaded so these messages aren’t supposed to appear.
Eventually, we need to establish an internet connection to reload the page. Fortunately, this
has worked so far, but there will be definitely a moment when offline submission is crucially needed.
What is strange is that it’s independent of the tablets we are using, so that’s not the problem. What we are suspecting is that maybe there was a Google Chrome update which always clears the cache and refreshes the tabs (?) Maybe someone else is currently having the same issues. In any case, thank you in advance for your support.

All the best,

Welcome to the community, @javila92! Could you also let us know the server you are using? Besides, have you tried this with modern browsers like Firefox, Edge etc.?

We are using KoboToolbox. And there the Enketo web form for offline and online submissions. Yes, we tried several browsers and the same problem keeps occurring. A small correction to what I have posted above: the notification is actually about an app update, not a form update. And this notification keeps appearing, no matter how often we refresh the pages. I think it is somehow linked to the problem that once this message appears, the browser tabs automatically refresh and then is not available anymore for offline submission.