Enketo web form styling for style label and choices label

This is akshay. been trying to dvelope a enketo web form with multiple kobo matrices using xls.
due to limitations of 10 columsn i have to reduce the choices in matrix to its smallest size.
need guidance
how to reduce size of choices -labels . i tried with ###### but didnt work in labels. where to write the syntax.?
i m using my local language “marathi” in labels. does it has diference setting prior to reduce font size.
kindly guide step by step

Have you tried going through our support article Question Matrix Response Type. It should solve your issue.

Yes I have tried the supoort article mentioned but no effect … i guess m missing some syntax.
I m using enketo web form with grid theme.
where to use ##### sign ?.. im using in label field of choices sheet . but no font reduced .
help pls .

You could succeed if you first try to design a matrix question with all the requirements in the form builder UI and then add necessary requirements in the xlsform. Would you mind giving it a try.

ok… ill try and let youknow in hours… thnks for encouraging :slightly_smiling_face:

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No luck till evening now. As u guided,I created matrix using UI builder also and downlaoded xls but nowhere found sytax to reduce font size of label of choices.
it is reducing note lables only and not the choices option
i treid ‘minimal apearance’ also but it failed to sustain in matrix format
i tried with markdown example excel but it has bug which has not seems yet solve.
any suggestion?

Do you mean you wish to have a matrix table with more than 10 columns?

no i have restricted my matrix table til 10.
in table i have yes /no or selcting multple bank names choices in enketo web form grid format.
these bank names to to reduced in size as it occupied larger space and my row width increses unencessary.
kindly guide

Could you share a screenshot so that the community would be able see how it looks like in your screen.

attached fiels.
text is in my local language (marathi) but irrespective of languge … it appears brkoen and increrases the row height.
pls check

Kindly please be informed that the width of the matrix question is not dynamic. All the column widths are equally distributed (based on the proportion of the display size available for your device). Maybe it should be able to fit if you view your survey form in a large display device.

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I agree. thst why to work on larger display i quit kobocollect method and switched to grid theme enketo. .Im opening survey form on laptop only
The question is can we reduce font size of labels of choices ? if yes … whts the syntax .
it seems choicetab does not allow method .

This seems to be an Enketo issue. I have created an issue in the GitHub. Please feel free to follow it here: