Enketo web forms allowing public submission

Hello. I have an account that is set up with multiple kobo forms. Some of these forms require access to specific users only. I have three forms that I would like to get public submissions. I believe there must have been an update or something changed in our settings because the public Enketo web forms are now requiring a login. If I change the overall account settings to NOT “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” then my forms that are only open to specified users are then viewable to anyone which we can’t have.

Under sharing settings, I only have the options to “Anyone can view this form” which takes back to the main form page and not web form submission and “anyone can view submissions made to this form”, but no option for sharing link. If I go to Form > Collect data > Online-Offiline (multiple submission) and copy the link, it requires login. Any help on what I am doing wrong? I really need this functionality back again and I’m not sure what went wrong.

I truly appreciate the help! Thank you in advance.

@dara_glifwc, you could configure your accounts settings as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Note: This settings at the moment is only available with the accounts settings and is not available with the project settings.

So to confirm, there has been a change in settings and there is no way to have both credentials required for the majority of forms and public (no login required) for individual forms/projects on the same account?

If that is correct, then I think my best option would be to create a separate account for public (no credentials/login) forms.

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@dara_glifwc, yes you got that correct. The settings is only available at the account level and not at the project level. Hence you could opt with creating a separate account for your projects that requires a separate setting.