Enumerator's renaming forms - does this show up in the server data

Some of my enrumerators have gone off script and are renaming the default form name in order to collect data from sites missing from their listed site names.

In the “Save form and Exit” page at the end of the form, they are changing Example Form to Example Form Site 1. But when I go to the server I am not seeing Example Form Site 1 in any of the columns. Am I missing something? Or is it not something that gets sent from the app to the server.

Welcome back to the community, @dan_dane! You can change the submission name (of the record) before pressing the Save form and Exit in the Collect android app. This makes the record name unique from other records you have saved in your Collect android app, which is visible under the Edit Saved Form. However, when you submit the records to the server, you will not see any name you saved in the app. Maybe you could create a new features request here to make this feature available in the upcoming days.