Error 404 Generic Exeption

Hello, I have the issue with sending a finalized form to server from 1 of the tablets. Besides from the other tablets it is working, can you provide some help with this ?

Also sending a photo of the error when trying to send forms to server. Not sure, maybe it is the problem with exact form or something else…

Is this a problem from the server side?

Welcome to the community, @Traktirshchik! Could you also let us know the server you are using? Are you one a self-hosted server?

Hi @Kal_Lam I`m using standart kc,humanitarian server,

Ihave already tried to manualy upload bulk submission forms, but got next error
Kit_2022-11-23_12-36-27.xml => No XForm matches the given query.',

Can you help to get what does it mean ?
Thank in advance

Hi @Traktirshchik, did the form got updated while this submission being made?

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@Traktirshchik, could you share a screenshot without making the strikeout?

i`m not sure, but it seems to be so, is there any way to upload old forms in that case ?

I can`t share that screenshot again, but info that was there is “

@Traktirshchik, could you share a screenshot of the Settings>Server from your Collect android app then?

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@Traktirshchik, two more questions:

  • Is this the same project, BHA-Distribution form Hygiene Kit, in your server from which you have collected your data (though the Collect android app), or did you delete the project and deploy the same project to the server again?

  • Is this an issue for only a single enumerator submitting the submissions to the server, or is it an issue with multiple enumerators?

No, form was not deleted and created again, we just added 3 columns to the form as I heard from my colleague.

The issue occurred only on 1 tablet, when on other ~20 all was fine. And when I filling the same form right now on the tablet it proceeds smoothly without any problems.

So you mean the issue has been resolved itself?

Nope, I still can`t upload ~500 of old forms.

@Traktirshchik, if this is a case of a single device, maybe you will need to check the following:

  • Date and time of the device
  • Network connection
  • Server settings
  • Whether the submissions are complete. Sometimes, you are unable to submit the submissions if they are incomplete. You could check this out manually by opening the form and then checking the questions manually.

For the error generic eception 404 code

I have a solution for this and you can send your survey data easily and says ’ upload sussessful’


Welcome to the community, @Hsamir! Could you kindly share the solution with the entire community? The community could benefit from the same.