Error 500 while deploying a new form

Please help me with this error 500 when I deploy my project

Hi @waseem_alshibany and welcome to the community!

Can you tell which server you are using, and can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

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@waseem_alshibany, we would advise you to validate your XLSForm through the online validator to see if there are any syntax in it.

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I can’t deploy my project

what can I do please help me

@waseem_alshibany, which server are you using?

locally maybe

@waseem_alshibany, 5XX errors are server related errors, that’s why I asked you which server are you using, if it’s a local server, you might want to check the server-side.

how can I do that, please

@hakan_cetinkaya I removed the project and uploaded it again the same issue

@waseem_alshibany, you might want to contact your server administrator.

@hakan_cetinkaya Thank you so much the issue has been solved

@waseem_alshibany can you share your solution for the people who might deal with the same issue, so they the community can benefit from it in the future?

@hakan_cetinkaya The problem was with the word ‘settings’ word because the first letter was capital it was ‘Settings’