Error 502 Bad Gateway

hello community, my name is yvon. when trying to access my survey data on OCHA’s kobo.humanitarianresponse platform, the following error message appears: 502 Bad Gateway

nginx / 1.19.10 . I am blocked in my survey because I can no longer see the data entering to validate them. Can you help me please

Welcome to the community, @fadvise! Would you mind sharing with me the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at it:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server (seems like you are using the OCHA server)

thankx for your quick reaction,

  • Username: xxxxxxx
  • Server: i use the OCHA server

@fadvise, please never share your user passwords in the public forum.

okey, sorry, how to send you the private message?

I have saved your details.

pleas, how many time for fix the problem or how to fixe thr error?

We are looking into your issue. Will reach back to you soon.

@fadvise, looking at your survey project I did not see any issue:

Kindly please reach us back if anything similar happens in the future.

hello @Kal_Lam , I had the same problem yesterday from 10am to today around 6am, is there a problem with the OCHA server?

@fadvise, we do not have issues with the OCHA server.

okey, in that case why this error came back? does the problem come from our data?

@fadvise, sorry! What i meant here is that KoBoToolbox does not have any ongoing issue (server down etc.) at the moment but the one you have reported is a known issue which our team is looking at. Fixing this issue may take some time.

the problem repeats itself again, this time when I click on map

Yes, this generally affects when there is load in the server.

Hi @fadvise
Are you still experiencing this issue on your end?


I still experiencing this issue .

kindly I need your support

@Omer, could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the same?