Error 502 when accessing form details

Hello Kobotoolbox
i use kobotoolbox on my own server (ubuntu 20.04)
a few days ago suddenly I couldn’t access the form details on the dashboard

the notification is:
Something went wrong
We’re sorry, but there was an unexpected error while trying to serve this page.
Please try again later, or contact the support team if this happens repeatedly.

Additional details: 502: error

please provide a solution

Thank You

hello kal_lam
Can you help me with my Kobotoolbox problem?
here is the link

thank you

Welcome to the community, @ichanwae! Let me ping @stephenoduor @ks_1 to see if they could help you out.

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You could use the developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) to see which API is failing, and that should give you additional info to proceed.

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