Error: Attempt to invoke virtual method

Hi @Kal_Lam! Once again I need your help.

I was using one of my surveys with no problem. However, today I changed a validation code for a numerical field (I deleted the condition “regex(.,’^[0-9]{4,12}$’)” ). The problem is that when I tried to upload it updated, an error message appeared: “Attempt to invoke virtual method (…)”.

Attached is my Xls form so you can see what I missed. (I use the Researches server).

Thanks for all the support and sorry for my english.

The numerical field is “N_do_Protocolo”

@Kal_Lam, I fixed the problem. The media file nedeed an update (I uploaded it again). It has never happened before, so I think it’s interesting to let you noticed.

Thanks for all and sorry for bothering you.

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Hi @gustavomsandrini,

Thank you for notifying this issue. Kindly please reach us back if you happen to see the same in the upcoming days so that we could have a closer look and see what went wrong.

Have a great day!

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