Error downloading pictures from the from

Hello! I’m trying to download some pictures from a form and it says: Error: Server problem… I can see the pictures but it won’t let me get them, yesterday it was working fine, and I tried to download from another form and it says the same.

I donwnloaded an image from other web page and it does download, the ones that I point in the picture are the ones that I’ve tried downloading in kobo

What can I do?

Thank you in advance

Hi @analucia_espinoza,

Are you seeing the same issue at this moment too. I just checked it out and was able to download the same through both the servers (viz. HHI as well as OCHA).

As a workaround, you could also try following the instructions as outlined in the support article here.

Have a great day!

I open every form in edit and then try to download the picture from the form in “edition” I still have the same issue.
The zip is not good for me because I’ve downloaded the other documents in the past weeks and it has been difficult to find out which one belongs to which form, and adding the hyperlink didn’t work neither did the downthemall app!

You seem to be having an issue with the download in its current format. Could you map out specifically the very steps you need.


Hello @stephanealoo!
Well I need to download the pictures from the form and it’s best if it is through the edit format which is more friendly, through the gallery I don’t know to which form each document belongs to, the same for the zip (here is harder to find) and it takes a lot of time…
For us, Every form is an activity and my coordinators upload the information about the activity and the pictures.
Then I download the database, clean it and download the pictures and upload them in Gdrive for backup in the corresponding folder, then I copy its link and add it to the activity database.
I usually have both tabs open, kobo and GDrive and I upload every picture as I download them, that’s why is easier for me to access from the form in “edition”
I don’t understand why it won’t download, I’ve done it a lot of times before :frowning:
Thank you in advance