Error during previewing after deploying

i had all total of 273 questions in my questionnaire. but after deploying while i tried to preview it and was about to answer it, i found that all the questions made weren’t displayed or lets say weren’t available there… how can i solve this??

Welcome to the community @manish! Kindly please be informed that if you have some skip logics within your survey form you will not see the skipped questions unless and until they satisfy the condition. This should be your case. Kindly please verify and confirm!

thank u for the response…
i went through mine questionnaire, as u said questions with skip logic were missing…
as u say we cant see the skip logic type questions, then how are those questions supposed to be answered by the public without seeing those questions?

also some of the questions without skip logics were also missing? how can i fix it?

Would you mind giving a try with the example shared in the post discussed previously (it should help you answer your query):