Error evaluating field2

error evaluating field ‘aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao’(/aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao): The problem was located in calculate expression for / aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao XPath evaluation: type mismactch This field is repeated

/ aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao/group_releve_type_infras[1]/ inventaire_parcelle_3[1]/longeur_infra[1] ;/ aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao/ group_releve_type_infras[2]/ inventaire_parcelle_3[1]/longeur_infra[1]

You may need to use the indexed-repeat() function to specify which value you want.

some one help me please

@Balla2021, I would advise you to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

After removing duplicates, I still have the same errors when I repeat the rectangular element.

Here is the new form after removing duplicates

EnqueteParcellairesHenanChine_VF2.xlsx (35.7 KB)

@Balla2021, is this an issue for a single device, or is it an issue for multiple devices? Could you also let us know the version of the Collect Android App you are using? BTW are you using the KoboCollect Android App or ODK Collect Android App? Have you tried this form with Enkto to see how it behaves?

It concerns several devices, and I have used both applications, but the same errors keep recurring. and I haven’t tried enketo