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Dear All,
Sometimes, I see this this (

error notification when there is no error at all in my form. And, can’t deploy my form. What does this notification error really mean? For what type of error, does this notification pop up? When I see this error, I check my form with the online form validator, and shows no error at all.
Just for your information, I saw this notification several times for this
CFRM Questions_KOBO.xlsx (13.1 KB)
This same form works perfectly again after trying several times or when I change my browser. Thanks in advance.

@tasfik_rukan, I too checked the XLSForm through the online validator and as you said did not see any error message. I then tried uploading the XLSForm through my humanitarian account and was able to deploy without any issue (in the very first try). Maybe you will need to delete the account and try deploying it again to see if you are able to deploy it.

Please let us know if you are still having issues!