Error exporting to geojson

Hi there! I’m very new with this app, appsolutely amazing :slight_smile:

I get an “export failed” message trying to export my data to geojson. No problem with other formats.

My forms have video, audio and photo, georreferenced with other qualitative info. Around 100 entries.

Thanks for the attention!

Welcome to the community, @MigraMundo! Could you also share with the community a screenshot of your issue? Could you also please let us know the server you are using? Also, please let us know if this project was redeployed.

Thank you so much Kal_Lam! Hopefully we will find a solution :slight_smile:

Let me check the info you ask for:


Yes, the original project/questions have been reorganized and redeployed some times. New answer options, or deletion of others… So the final project have some different previous “versions”.

Thanks so much for your support!

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Just if you have some spare time :slight_smile:

username xxxxxxx
project name MEXUS recorrido

@MigraMundo, have you tried downloading the data in XLS (Legacy) format?

Yeah, no problem downloading in that, I get a working excel file. The only problem seems to be that I lose all media data and files linked to the registries. And also, umap, where I inttend to use the data, does not support that file type. Geojson is the optimal (nearly one and only) that fits what I’m trying to do. No pressure jajajjaja. Thanks a lot @Kal_Lam !!

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Hi @MigraMundo, this error might be related to the issue here:

Unfortunately there is no quick-fix workaround for this at the moment and I will have to investigate further. Please continue using the XLS export in the meantime.

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Thank you a lot @Josh !!

Lets hope to have some kind of possible solution, I would like to use all the photos, media etc on the survey to use in uMap!

(and I think only geojson can do that, am I right?)

Thanks and huge hug! S

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Hi @MigraMundo, that actually is not currently a feature of the geoJSON format however, including the media URL as we do in the XLS and CSV export is something that can be incorporated in the future.

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Hi @Josh !! One quick (and maybe stupid question): which is the export format that allows more geographical information to be transferred from the original Kobo questionary to other maps apps? (such as uMap, OpenStreetMaps)

Thanks a lot! S.

Hi @MigraMundo, geoJSON should be the format for exactly that purpose — unfortunately it’s failing right now :man_facepalming:
All the geographical data is included in the XLS and CSV exports, but just not in an immediately usable format for other mapping platforms.

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Thanks a lot @Josh !!

Do you mean that geoJSON export was working good, and it is only a time-sense problem that will be attended? Or it has never worked so far?

Yeah, at the end is important that all the data is there and secure, even if it needs more work to be easily used in other platforms.

Hi @MigraMundo, the geoJSON has worked in the past but is likely not used very often otherwise this issue would have come up earlier — so thank you for finding it! I am working on a fix now :+1:


Hello.Thank you you for the platform so that we’ll find possible solutions to some of the problems facing different communities

Thanks a lot @Josh !!

Yeah, I also remember that some time ago it did worked well.

So bad it does not now, but so good we noticed! I’m sure (hopefully!) you will find a solution!!

Have a great day, S.

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Hi @MigraMundo,

until the GEOJSON export is fixed you could go this way (that’s what I did to get survey results from Kobo into uMap):

  1. Export to CSV (if you used repeat groups containing geo-widgets, export to XLS and save the sheets to CSV)
  2. Import CSV to QGIS
  3. (I would) save it as GPKG and then do the editing or whatever needs to be done
  4. Export file to GEOJSON
  5. Upload to uMap and configure your project/layer(s)

Hope this helps.


@DSimon, :clap: :heart: :people_hugging:

Hi @DSimon, @MigraMundo please note that the fix should be included in the next release :slightly_smiling_face: (Media URLs will also now be included in the GeoJSON export)