Error fixing serial number

I’m creating a unique ID for each KoboCollect entry using interviewer code, village and a serial number (which is an integer +1): (concat(${INTV}, ${VILLAGE}, ${ID_ser},“”). This code produces the number I’m looking for (1421).
However, I want to make sure the ID number does not change (ie the serial number). When I add once: once(concat(${INTV}, ${VILLAGE}, ${ID_ser},“”)), this only shows the serial number (eg 1). What am I doing wrong?

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Can you, please, provide a related extract of your form (in XLSForm format) covering all 3 components of the once formula?

If your ID is a calculation, it may fire before part of the concat elements are set/entered. See Form Logic - ODK Docs.

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IDNO_Kobo ex.xlsx (13.8 KB)

In the attached, an IDNO would appear as 54121 (for INTV 54, Village 12, 1st respondent). Then 54122.

Ideally, I’d prefer that the Integer (ID_ser) not appear to the interviewer because it just means they have to swipe past multiple screens without entering something (eg ID_ser, DATE, note). And if there is a better way to generate a serial number to add to the Interviewer and Village codes, I’m open to that.

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