Error generating preview 'bn6io82'

Hello, I recently made some changes to a some forms. I attempting to preview the changes before redeploying them but receiving the following message when attempting to do so: Error generating preview ‘bn6io82’

Has anyone had any experience with this error? I am unsure how to proceed.

The best way to identify this issue is bt following the steps as outlined below:

  • Download your project as XLSForm.
  • Open it and go to the survey tab.
  • Copy bn6io82 to your clipboard by pressing CTRL+C (may differ with your PCs OS) as it’s the issue that is seen in the error message.
  • When you are on the survey tab, press CTRL+H or CRTL+F and then paste bn6io82 by pressing CTRL+V.
  • Highlight if you see anything under the survey tab.
  • Likewise, go to the choices tab and repeat the same.
  • You should notice that bn6io82 should be missing in either the survey tab or the choices tab.
  • Fix it and that should solve your issue.

You should be able to learn more about the same from our previous discussions here. Validating your XLSForm through this online validator should also help you identify the syntax issues if any present within.

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Thanks for your help. It appears that bn6io82 is present twice in my survey tab, but not in the choices tab. How should I go about fixing it? I have included a screenshot of a portion of the survey tab that includes bn6io82.

Edit: Disregard I believe I have found the error. I edited the multiple responses, but it appears they did not save. I will reenter them and see if this fixes the issue.

@Kal_Lam I have discovered the issue, but it appears I have another problem. I entered the options for the questions that allow multiple selections, but upon saving the project it appears that they all disappear and the selections revert to “Option 1” and “Option 2”. I have done this twice now and each time the edits I make to the options do not remain after I save the project. Any idea why this may be occuring? Thank you.

@dlewander, you may need to create a new post for a new issue so that the community can also help you out.

You may have entered invalid choice names. The same rules for naming variables should be followed, please.

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