Error generating preview 'group_bt2kc23_header_column'

Hi there, I am having problem with generating preview with this message.

I understand that the issue related with the ‘question matrix’ and using select or or many–for the response. But after saving, the build form keep messed up the order and I cant preview the form.

Thanks for the assistance,

Hi there,
Despite unable to preview form in the Kobotoolbox in the form build, but I can preview the form using the this link
ODK - XLSForm Online.
Just that the order of the response remains messed up in the preview form.

Welcome to the community, @hiswaty! As a workaround, would you mind first designing the matrix question in the form builder and then downloading the form as XLSForm. Now, you will need to upload it back to the server and redeploy it. So, with these steps, it should solve your issue.

Let us know how this behaves after you perform this workaround.