Error generating preview (gs0va65)

Hi, I’m having trouble with my form, and cannot find any reference to the error code that I get when trying to view a preview of my form. The error code is gs0va65.

Could you share with us a screenshot of the same?

Sure thing:

The best way to solve your issue would be by following the instructions outlined below:

  • Downloads your survey project in an xlsform.
  • Then search for gs0va65 in both the survey sheet as well as the choices sheet.
  • I assume that you should see the gs0va65 under the survey sheet while the same should be missing from the choices sheet.
  • Look at the question from the survey sheet and add an appropriate choices with the name gs0va65 under the choices sheet.
  • Now upload the xlsform and then deploy/redeploy as required. That should solve your issue.

Thank you so much for the prompt response! I think that might solve it.

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