Error Generic Exception Error 404

While trying to upload, I am getting error 404. What’s amazes me was that I was able to upload a single report at first, but others not uploading now.
Note I have check my phone date and time times without number. And The server settings is correct as that is what is set for all our team, others were able to upload successfully

Welcome to the community, @Emayo! Would you mind checking the followings at your end:

  • The configuration of your Collect android app at General Settings>Sever to see everything is OK as outlined in our support article shared here:
  • Also, please ensure that the survey project that should hold this data is active and is not archived or deleted from the server.

Feel free to reach us back to share what you see.

I have checked all u sent… it’s still doesn’t resolve d problem

@Emayo, did you get this survey project to your Collect android app form the server?