Error-Generic Exception : timeout

hi Everyone,
I have a problem with Kobo, If I try to send my forms which is finalized to our server the system Kobo dsiplay the message : Error-Generic Exception : timeout

I would like to know if someone have been the same problem and I can do to send my forms to our Kobo Server.

Thanks in advance

you can see

@ccamilocr this does not appear to be an issue with editing. Forms appear as “finalized” in Collect when they are new submissions.

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Welcome to the community, @szsanogom! Do you still have this issue? If yes, could you share a screenshot of the error message you are seeing with us? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Hi Kal_Lam,
sorry for this late, I was in field with no internet access. I try with good connection and I sent forms on our Kobo server. Thanks that is okay. But, I don’t know what I do (smile).

thanks for your support

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@szsanogom, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: