Error generic exception:error:improperly formatted XML

Hi , does anyone have an idea about this type of


Welcome to the community, @Simonpeter37! It should be an issue in your xlsform. Try validating with this online validator and you should be able to find out the issue.

Dear Kal_lam,
Thanks for the quick response.I’ve set the same form on 13 Android tabs and all their forms submission were successful, except the one on the screenshot.I’ve deleted the form and redownloaded it but the problem remains the same on that particular android tab.The surprising part is that,out of 25 forms from the same versions, these 4 forms are the only ones displaying these errors.
Have a nice day.

OK, in this case, would you mind checking the date and time setting of these tabs that are having issues?

I just checked the date and time and tried the resubmission but unfortunately the error message is still the same.

As a cross check would you mind pulling a dummy project from a server (to this device) and see if you are able to fill and submit the filled up forms?

I just cross checked a dummy project and it did work. I went ahead to fill a new form using my previous form and the submission was successful but the ones we’re talking about are still displaying the same errors.

Did you load the survey form manually in the Collect android app or did you load them by syncing it with your server?

I’ve loaded it manually using kobo collect android app.

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Well that’s the issue where it started. You will need to load them by syncing it with your server.

Dear community,
I was almost at the end of a survey questionnaire on kobocolect, and got this error message on the screenshot below.The error is preventing the form from being edited or saved. Thanks for your assistance.
Simon Pierre Dembele

Have you validated your xlsform through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues with it?