Error in deploying form

please help me to solve this problem.

Error: ODK Validate Errors: >> XForm is invalid. See above for the errors. : Cycle detected in form’s relevant and calculation logic! The following nodes are likely involved in the loop: ${pmmmvy_3rd_inst_apply} ${jsy_benefit_7}.4 ${pmmmvy_3rd_inst_payment} ${me_benefit_apply_7}.4 ${apply_scheme_7}.4 ${insta_status_7}.4 ${mmsspsy_7}.4 ${pmmvy_7}.4 The following files failed validation: ${PMMVY_survey_2}.xmlPMMVY_survey_2.xlsx (29.1 KB)

Problem are some relevants (there is no calculation in. your file).
For example you have a SELF-reference here
select_one applyme7.4 me_benefit_apply_7.4’
… with relevant: selected(${me_benefit_apply_7.4}, ‘7.4.ii_1’)
Look at the error messages where to find the problems in your relevants.


Hi @vikassamvad2020,

Try validating your xlsform with this site and you should be able to see the syntax error if any. At the moment, i am able to see the following issues in your xlsform:


Try fixing it and you should be able to upload the same without any issue.

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