Error in editing multiple submissions

Need help urgently!
This error message of “Failed to update submission values” kept showing up when I tried to save changes. I have tried editing multiple data in a dummy project, and in another clone of this project. They both worked fine. But it never succeeded with this project. There shouldn’t be a problem with the server or anything, as I can edit the submissions one by one when I open then individually.

Could anyone help with this? Or is there any other way that allows me to edit data in bulk? I just need to update the entries for one of the questions. Thanks a lot!

As the message says, bulk edit for items inside repeat groups is not (yet?) possible in KoboToolbox.

Maybe the core team or a community member can tell you more, including if/how this can be done via API.

Thanks wroos! By “repeat groups” do you mean submissions with repeating values? I’ve tested it in another project and it worked fine.

I’ve seen many people running into the same issue. Hope the core team could help with it.

@yulanlu, have you tried testing this outside the repeat group (to see if it works)? Kindly please also let us know the server you are using.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks for the reply. Yes, I tested outside the repeat group and it did not work for any submissions in this project, regardless of the number of submissions I selected (I tried from 2 to 30 submissions).

The server is the local US server.

@yulanlu Hi, did you check if there is any uuid code duplication between the forms? Because i just used it over 300 or more submissions without problem.

Hi @osmanburcu, yes, I checked the uuid and there doesn’t seem to be any duplications.

I saw many people posted about the same question in the forum so I was wondering if there’s any setting I messed up with or errors in the submissions.

I just realized one thing, In the screen shot, you write the option as “No”, is it the same XML value in the form? can you share the form so i can check?

Do you mean the answer in the form submitted? Yes, it is the same. That wasn’t the response I changed though. The one I want to update is not shown in the screenshot. It’s for a text entry question.

Here’s a link to the form for the cloned project I created:

Thanks! @osmanburcu

Would you mind to share the form or a related extract as XLSForm, please? The ee-link asks for login/password.

Hi @wroos, not sure how I can do that. This is a sample response I downloaded: Clone_of_Tree_Monitoring_-all_versions-English_en-_2023-10-17-17-39-49.xlsx

I tried to share this project with your username but it kept telling me “user not found”.


On KoboToolbox server level you can download a form as XLSForm from the project/form menu, see Help Center article, please, Getting started with XLSForm — KoboToolbox documentation.

You can also use this to check your form with the Online validator, during development and before deployment.

Got it! Here it is: Clone of Tree Monitoring Form.xlsx

I‘m a new user and can’t upload attachments here so I’m using OneDrive. Hope it works for you.

Encontraron alguna solución ?? me encuentro con el mismo problema! ayudaaaa