Error in editing survey

is after create a new register in the form, the message when we edit the register is …

Is this in a self-hosted server? Did you try to edit your survey form or the submissions?

it’s own local kobo instalation. And we try to edit after submissions but not work it

Maybe you could try the same XLSForm with one of our publicly hosted servers to see if it behaves differently? This should give you a clue as to whether it’s an issue with your XLSForm or your installation.

The first time I click on the edit button it works but once I refresh the page the edit button stops working.

I can provide you the credentials to log in and see the error that Keto gives me at the moment to edit the survey for the second time.

Hi @Roger963, as the error message suggests, editing is prevented if the record is currently being edited. If you wait for 30 seconds you should be able to open it again.

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