Error in excel sheet exported


Could you help me,
I have some missing number in excel sheet when I exported.


Hello @slibee,

Can you provide a screenshot of the problem you are facing? A screenshot from the excel and the screenshot from the dava view showing the missing data would be helpful.

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As you see in Yellow Higlighted is missing number in multi sheets and multi colunm

thank you for support

Hi @slibee,

  • Can you tell us the type of question?
  • Can you see the missing data in the table view?
  • Did you make any updates to the form after you deployed the form? (in other words did you redeploy your form?)
  • Could you also download your data in XLS (legacy) format to see if you can see the missing data there?

All the best,

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Hi Hakan,

1- Type of question ( number as integer)
2- in table view all cells number empty but if I opened form in edit it fill in form.
3- I make update but only I add option for one question.
4- if I download it in XLS Legacy I found any missing data

Best Regards

Hello @slibee,
can you, please, provide here the related part of your form?


Dear ,

I hope my message find you well,

I need your help on this Error in excel sheet exported

Best Regards

@slibee, could you provide more details as requested by @hakan_cetinkaya and @wroos? The additional information should help the community to troubleshoot your issue.

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