Error in font formatting when implementing a form

I get an error when implementing the form, the questions marked as true in the required column do not increase or decrease the size of the text using ### , according to what is indicated in Styling prompts.

This image is from a required answer question.

Questions marked as NOT required answer have no problem.

The version of odk collect it is v2022.2.3 and of kobocollect v2022.1.2

I would like someone to help me to solve this situation.

Hi @felmar79, Welcome to the community
You can try using the span tag with characters ###

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@mohamedtaleb, I couldn’t solve it, could you help me indicating the use of the span with ### please

Okay Dear,

span.xlsx (9.8 KB)

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@mohammedTaleb very grateful for your help, but I tell you that the result is not what I expected, apparently in ODK Collect and KoboCollect it is not possible to use ### to change the size of the text when it is marked as true.

ODK collect when marked as a required response:

ODK collect when marked as NOT required response:

I have tried with h1 and h2 to enlarge the text and this works, the unfortunate thing is that there are only 2 options.

thanks @MohammedTaleb

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thanks @felmar79,
good feedback :tulip:

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@felmar79, pinging in @Xiphware for some advice here!

Thank you @Kal_Lam

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