Error in Form

Hi Kal_Lam,
Could you pls assist me in resolving this error. I have tried all possible means but to no avail.
aS55Nv4tsEdm2ZM8EmXn26.xlsx (16.4 KB)
Attached is the XLS Form

@Osman_yotta, I don’t see any issue with your XLSForm. The form is reviewable. FYR:

And this one too …

Note: The issue only remains when you are not able to preview it.

Yes it’s reviewable on the browser.

The issue is I can’t get the form on the ODK/KoboCollect mobile app.
It gives me an error message as show on the screenshot below.

Welcome @Osman_yotta,
As the Online validator noted, see above, you have a choice option (3) in the list ge2xv14 missing a label (or image).

Hint: If you only use one language in the form you could avoid ::language (code), just use label, hint etc. as column names.

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@wroos, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: