Error in image upload

Hello everyone,
My team is uploading the photos. In some cases, it is getting properly uploaded and is visible properly. However, in case of one surveyor, it is showing error like the one shared in picture. Please suggest what could be the reason and the possible solution?

Welcome back to the community, @phiafoundation! Could you let us know on when you happened to see this? i.e. do you see this when you are trying to view your data in the server?

Yes. When we are trying to see this form through the view option in table view of data section, we are getting this error.

Is this issue similar to what has been reported here:

Yes, It looks like.

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We will reach back to you once we solve this issue.

Is there any update on this?

Not yet. Will reach you back when the same is resolved.

Good Morning, Everyone.

I hit a similar issue yesterday, and dug in a bit. If you download the attachments, you will see the image files. However, all spaces have been replaced with ‘_’. I’m suspicious that perhaps the link to view the attachment does not take this into account in the table view. Hope this helps find the issue.

Thanks for maintaining such an excellent platform!

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@volunteer, thank you. This is very helpful for us.

Hi @volunteer, yes this is currently the case and will be resolved in the next update. The fix has already been merged but not yet deployed:

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Hi @Josh
I installed a fresh version of 2.021.45b and it seems to me that this error has returned in this version (media with spaces in their filenames are not displayed in KPI). However the error is fixed in the public deployments.
Any idea what’s going on?

Edit: Did this get deployed only in 2.022.08?

(From Release Notes - version 2.022.08, 2.022.08a)

Hi @ks_1, yes, as the release notes indicate, the fix was only included since 2.022.08. You can also see that on GitHub if you navigate to the merge’s commit:

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 3.14.02 PM

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Thanks @Josh… Had missed that. :+1: