Error in Loading/ unable to retrive some observation / working in some PC's after the CSV was updated

Dear Kal, i have two programs which was working perfectly and pulls many data for multiple selection. now everytime we try to update the CSV file we see the following error display when

  1. trying to redeploy the form or
  2. if deployed when trying to edit an observation or
  3. when enumerators try to open the form.

Also i am unable to retrive some observation , it looks like there is limitation to it ? for your easy reference please use the below credintial to check the programs and csv files

user name as: xxxxxxx

programs you may check M&E youth- Derega or M&E youth- ACT
if you use ACT please try to pull youth in Q2 Y300571 , it won’t retrive it

I have many data and really need your usual support .

Many thanks


Dear Both ,

A kind reminder on the above request. I belive you understnad my urgency on the issues occred during data collection.

hoping to get your respons .
Many thanks

@wb_cjc, could you share with me your CSV file? I assume the issue is with the CSV file.

Please find attached herewith the csv file and the program as well
Some observation work some doesnt, example

is not retrived
looking forward to hear for your feedbacks

youth.csv (546.3 KB)
aNt9QGT9ufamE55ZjGKxRD.xlsx (15.5 KB)

@wb_cjc, the issue is in your CSV File. Delete what is present in L528 as shown in the image below and that should solve your issue:

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